Membership dues in PRSA Greater Cleveland Chapter include a fee for national membership and local chapter dues. Members may also join national professional interest sections which include programming specific to industry segments.

General PRSA dues schedule:

Do you have two or more years’ experience in public relations? Join as a Member.  $255 annual dues plus a one-time $65 initiation fee.

Do you have one to two years’ experience in public relations?  Join as an  Associate Member.  $155 annual dues.

Do you have less than one years’ experience in public relations?  Join as an  Associate Member.  $115 annual dues.

Were you a PRSSA member? And did you graduate within the past two years?  Join as an  Associate Member, PRSSA Graduate.  $60 annual dues.

Want to reinstate your previous membership? Rejoin now! $255 annual dues plus a $35 reinstatement fee.

(After two years, associate members will be upgraded to full members and will be required to pay the initiation fee.)

Greater Cleveland Chapter Dues (in addition to general dues):

Regular: $70
Associate: $35
Retiree: $35

*You must be a Greater Cleveland Chapter member in order to receive discounts on local Chapter programs.

Professional Interest Section Dues (optional):
Professional Interest Sections are designed to focus on important public relations issues, trends and research in a specific area of practice. In addition to the benefits of regular membership, Professional Interest Sections strengthen your expertise through seminars, workshops, conferences, newsletters, professional papers, listservs, websites, and more – all focused on your unique environment.
Association $60
Corporate $60 
Counselors Academy*  
Counselors to Higher Education  $60 
Educators Academy  $60 
Employee Communications  $60
Environmental  $60
Financial Communications  $60
Food & Beverage  $60
Health Academy  $60
International  $60
Multicultural Communications  $60
Public Affairs & Government  $60
Technology  $60
Travel & Tourism  $60
* Counselors Academy has separate eligibility requirements.
Membership definitions

Associate Member
Associate members have two or less years experience or are full-time graduate students.

Associate Member, PRSSA Graduate
Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)members may join PRSA as an Associate Member, PRSSA Graduate up to five months before graduation. Applicants must be an active PRSSA member at the time of graduation and must apply to PRSA within two years of graduation. Associate Members become a regular member after two years.

Associate Member, Graduate Student
Open to full-time enrolled students in an advanced degree program for the purpose of teaching or practicing public relations. Proof of full-time matriculation is required and must be submitted with an application. Graduate Student members may remain at the associate level for a maximum of six years while enrolled.

Group Membership
Ten or more individuals from the same organization receive special rates along with other financial incentives when they join as a group.  The group may include new or former PRSA members; all members of the group must join as the same member type: Member or Associate (less than two years’ experience). 

Membership Requirements 
To qualify for membership, you must devote a substantial portion of time (at least 50%) to the paid professional practice of public relations or to the teaching or administration of public relations curriculum in an accredited college or university, and adhere to the PRSA Member Code of Ethics.

If you are currently unemployed, a prior position held within the last five years must meet the above requirement, or one of the following: you hold a degree in Public Relations; you hold another academic degree program which meets the standards for a PRSSA charter; you hold PRSA certification for Education in Public Relations or you have achieved accreditation in Public Relations.

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